Live Blog: X|Media|Lab Global Media Ideas Sydney

Here’s where I’m liveblogging X|Media|Lab’s Global Media Ideas conference at the Sydney Opera House on Friday 18 June 2010.

It’s billed as “the must-attend event for digital media and creative industries entrepreneurs who are creating businesses for local and international markets”. With all the business-related words in that, I’m guessing that “ideas” really means “business models” rather than “new media forms”.

Be warned. I’m approaching this event from a rather jaundiced viewpoint. Perhaps that’s more about my view of “new media”conferences than anything specific to this event. I suggest you read my angry blog post about this before joining the liveblog.

Just bookmark this page and pop back on the day. The event runs 9am to 5pm Sydney time, and I’ll cover as much as I can. I’ll also issue reminders via my Twitter stream and tag everything #xml #xmedialab.

If you can’t see the CoveritLive tool immediately below, then you’re not using a compatible browser.

Note that anything in black text without a name at the front will be from me. I liveblog using the following conventions:

  • Text in “double quote marks” is an exact quote from the current speaker.
  • Text not in quote marks is my paraphrase or summary of the current speaker.
  • Text in [square brackets] is my commentary.

If you’re going to be at X|Media|Lab Global Media Ideas, please let me know.

[Update 4pm: The hashtag is actually #xmedialab. Yet another example of a hashtag being overly-long so it can be used as a branding story rather than as a quick-to-type identifier for tweets.]

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