Media140: How I’ll be responding

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Whew! Media140 Sydney was exhausting and several kinds of wonderful despite some irritation. Many thanks to Julie Posetti and Ande Gregson and Sarah Allen and everyone else.

Oh, a thousand loose ends to tie up! How will I respond?

  • I’ll make only a superficial pass through everything today, ‘cos I have other commitments. Mostly that’ll be reviewing all the open tabs in my web browser and quickly reviewing my messages on Twitter and adding things to my to-do list for later.
  • As I do that, I’ll link to everything I find. You can follow that on my Delicious links tagged “media140”. I’ll also post the more significant notes on my Twitter stream.
  • While I’m doing that, I may post quick drive-by comments on other people’s blogs, but mostly I’ll leave them for a couple of days.
  • I’ll also be compiling notes for follow-up posts. One will expand upon my own presentation, which is already getting interesting comments. Others will reflect upon other people’s presentations and the various discussions.

If you want me to expand upon any specific issues raised at the conference, please let me know in the comments.

Further process notes will be added as I go along, in the comments to this post. Or not. It’s going to be one of those days…

2 Replies to “Media140: How I’ll be responding”

  1. The updates and blog rundowns have been very helpful.

    There’s nothing like being a delegate, however watching and reading without the interchange from the various interests provides an unfiltered view.

  2. @Catherine White: Cheers. I reckon each way of experiencing a conference provides different insights. Being there, well you get to network and chat individually as well as experience the presentations live. Participating in the Twitter backchannel means you get the “instant reaction” stuff. And then the follow-up blog posts and discussions gradual reveal the deeper connections.

    I’ve deliberately chosen not to liveblog or livetweet events. At most events I’ve been to recently there’s been plenty of people doing that already and some of them do little more than just repeat the sound bites. Instead, I’ve deliberately stepped back to absorb the thoughts and write up my reactions later, after time for reflection.

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