Separated at birth: Bob Katter and Ben Grubb?

So this image was sent to me in a very roundabout way, and I seem to have drawn the virtual short straw and ended up publishing it.

Could it be that Ben Grubb, deputy technology editor at Fairfax news sites,, etc, is the secret love child of independent Member for Kennedy, Cloncurry’s own Bob Katter?

If you have a theory about what the connection might be, do tell me in the comments. People do need to know.

And no, I am not going to reveal who sent me the image.

If you find it to be particularly disturbing, do let me know and I’ll suggest some remedies.

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  1. sylmobile’s avatar

    As of not wearing a tie would throw us off the scent! Occham’s razor clearly guides us here, with Grubb, the CWA and a time machine all being key to the explanation.

  2. barry’s avatar

    I think we need to see Ben in a massive cowboy hat. for science.

  3. bullokie’s avatar

    Of all the grubby, discombobulated comparisons…

    One more thing: who really gives a flying fuck what tech journos look like? Or any journo that trades in the printed word, for that matter? I mean, how is my appreciation of the latest fucking Microsoft press release enhanced by the knowledge that the Fairfax hack responsible for its plagiarising looks like the bastard child of Elliot Goblet and Jabba the Hutt?

    Screw the innernet, the decline of the press began with the first gratuitous mugshot leering out of the byline.

  4. bullokie’s avatar

    *The bastard child I’m referring to is Adam Turner, by the way. Ben Grubb does bear a striking resemblance to Bob Katter.

  5. Jo Grubb’s avatar

    I am fairly sure I did not sleep with Bob Katter in 1989 despite living in Far North Qld at the time. How amusing lol 🙂

    1. Roz Allardice’s avatar

      And I can vouch for Jo being Ben’s mother, and that she was in a very stable relationship with Ben’s father at the time, in Tasmania! LOL So there goes that theory!

      1. Pablo’s avatar

        Bob Katter can impregnate women 3000kms away #bobkatterfacts

      2. Stilgherrian’s avatar

        @Pablo: Yeah, I was reading about that the other day. Hang on, no, that was barnacles.

      3. Bob’s avatar

        IVF it was then!
        though I dont realy see any great similarity.

      4. Stilgherrian’s avatar

        Look, if this is causing trouble for anyone, consider this previous post.

      5. Layton Pinter’s avatar

        Resemblance is uncanny! There’s a little Grubb in everyone.
        @Jo Grubb Where did Ben get his looks from, you or his dad?

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