SHM gets broadband figures wrong

Don’t newspapers fact-check any more? In the Sydney Morning Herald, Jason Koutsoukis reckons most broadband users currently receive only 256 kilobits per second. And yet, as Richard Chirgwin points out, last year’s ABS figures were that 22% of subscribers had up to 256kbps and 45% had more than 256kbps. “Since when is around 1/3 of the broadband population equal to ‘most’ users?”

3 Replies to “SHM gets broadband figures wrong”

  1. Newspapers source their reference material from bloggers and Wikipedia now. *points to handbasket* heh *points to Hell*

    Read Remote Control by Catharine Lumby et al yet? New Media, New Ethics?

  2. @Laurel Papworth: I must admit, I’ve been avoiding book-length treatments of “new media” because they seem to age so fast, preferring a bit of history instead. However both those books have been recommended before, so they may get a guernsey.

    In this specific case, I think it’s more a matter of copy’n’paste from the PM’s media release than anything else — plus not addressing the subtleties of the terminology.

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