“Threads”: a film about nuclear war

Screenshot from the movie Threads

A strange treat last night: I stumbled across a complete upload of the very fine 1984 docudrama Threads, which depicts the aftermath of a nuclear strike on Sheffield (and elsewhere). I’d seen it before, but it was still as powerful. Today, using The Power of Wikipedia, I discover that the scenario was based on the UK government exercise Square Leg, and that the Protect and Survive informational films it features are quite real.

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  1. An episode of Spooks I watched on the weekend was about an emergency drill for dirty bombs going off across the UK. The scenario had the PM and Royal Family a casualty of the spread. I also watched a new movie called Right At Your Door about dirty bombs going off in LA. It was easily forgettable, but by no means the worst in its genre.

    How different would a city like Brisbane or Sydney react when compared to LA? It’s interesting stuff think about.

    A doco on sarin gas attacks was also on. Musta been the weekend for it eh.

  2. @Michael: Maybe we should turn 2 March into “Let’s Reminisce About WWIII Day”.

    “Carpark Civilian” has got to be one of the great Shakespearian roles of modern cinema…

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