The Beast is Dead

Foxtel recorded the last episode of Beauty & the Beast last week. Good riddance. That’s one less outlet for the toxic opinions of Stan Zemanek. It’s also an end for a program which, since 1964, has institutionalized sexism by apparently requiring four “lightweight” opinions from women to “balance” one strong, solid man. How about we replace it with A Beauty and the Beasts, a panel show hosted by, oh, Germaine Greer balanced out by Richard Wilkins, Jamie Durie, Anthony Callea and Eddie Maguire. Any other suggestions?

2 Replies to “The Beast is Dead”

  1. @jason: If that’s the case, then the new program should be called A Beauty and the Boofheads. Perhaps Julie and the Boofheads, unless Kevin Rudd’s caring-and-sharing husband routine this week counts him out of Boofheadness?

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