Coming soon: “The Shave”

The Shave: a production still from our new short film

“Certain people” have been complaining about my facial hair. I must admit, I hate the feeling of my face after two weeks without shaving. So, there’s only one thing to do. We’re making a movie.

This afternoon the normally simple act of shaving turned into a 4-hour video shoot. With two cameras. ’Pong is currently assembling the rough edit and, even I say so myself, I think it’s going to come together rather well.

We won’t rush it. We both have plenty to do this week. But rest assured, the 3.5-minute epic The Shave will be ready when it’s ready.

[Update: Indeed, you can now view the movie The Shave. Enjoy.]

3 Replies to “Coming soon: “The Shave””

  1. Looking forward to the big premiere!

    I assume it’ll more than likely premiere on Stilherrian Live Alpha 6.0?

    Looking forward to it.

  2. @Benn Grubb: Episode 6 of SLA is likely to happen this week, but we’ve both got other things to do before then. In particular, I’ll be doing the titles, foley an audio sweetening and won’t have time to even look at that until Friday at the earliest. So, not this week.

    It’ll be ready when it’s ready.

  3. It’s too late now, buddy, but I actually liked the beard. Perhaps I was too busy ribbing you to mention it. You can always grow it back, though.

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