My week through Twitter

Hugh MacLeod stylised cartoon of a twittering bird

As we begin a new and somewhat rainy Monday here in Sydney, it’s worth reflecting on my world as revealed through Twitter.

  1. If only cats ate cockroaches my two most significant household chores would cancel out.
  2. The only thing a VCR is good for is to watch old porno movies.
  3. “Luxurious possum fur” is an oxymoron.
  4. Twitter is (like all networks) just an amplifier. Natural news-bringers bring news. Natural wankers wank.
  5. Total Eclipse of the Heart has the most sensible music video of any song ever.
  6. “Wynyard Hotel, the sign saying ‘restrooms maintained to highest standard’ doesn’t stop stale urine smell.”
  7. As we all know, cardio fitness is improved through gin.
  8. “Do not insert in ear canal” is sage advice.

Now what sort of impression of me does that give? And what will this week bring?

[Credit: Cartoon Twitter-bird courtesy of Hugh MacLeod. Like all of Hugh’s cartoons published online, it’s free to use.]

2 Replies to “My week through Twitter”

  1. What does he modern 21st century person do when they want to watch the ancient movie on ABC-TV (or anything that’s on free-to-air) and they don’t have a VHS anymore?

    I’m only asking as a fossil who still has a VCR and realises that they’re history, but isn’t tech-savvy enough to know what replaces it.

  2. @Snif: Two choices. If you want a specific device, then what you’re after is called a DVR (digital video recorder) or a PVR (personal video recorder), which records digital video material on a hard drive and/or blank DVDs. Or, you just find what you want on BitTorrent and it magically appears on your computer.

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