NBN: Everyone’s got an opinion

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RuddNet Day 3. The armchair-expert “network engineers” who infest Whirlpool, people who’ve never built a network more complex than the one linking their porn stash to the TV, are suddenly spouting off about national-scale infrastructure not just there but everywhere. Pity their friends.

So began the article I wrote for Crikey on Thursday 9 April.

As John Safran once said, thanks to the internet, “We can all now chip in and pool our ignorance.” The Dunning-Kruger Effect operates full force. As always.

And nowhere was that ignorance better represented than on Twitter.

I’m such a hypocrite. I’ve previously slagged off journalists for simply copying comments from Twitter without adding any value. And this piece is, essentially, a summary of what’s been said on Twitter. Oh dear. Anyway, you too can be a journalist by following the same technique. The Crikey piece explains how.

You can use Twitter Search to find every tweet mentioning “nbn”. But for a richer experience, the much prettier Twitterfall lets you view an animated twitterstream, pearls of wisdom dropping as Manna from Heaven.

Just imagine. With the NBN it won’t just be typed words, you’ll be able to see and hear all this in living colour and surround sound. Ah, $43 billion…

I’ll probably have a summary of some of the better commentary when I return to work mode on Tuesday.

3 Replies to “NBN: Everyone’s got an opinion”

  1. …people who’ve never built a network more complex than the one linking their porn stash to the TV…

    You can do that? 😮

    Is there like, a YouTube tutorial or something?

  2. @Sweet Sister Morphine: Well, I don’t know that the instructions for streaming video from your file server to your TV are specific to pornography…

  3. [shrugs]

    Being, as I am, educated in the humanities, I consider computers to be capricious, partly supernatural and possibly demonic entities which require strange rituals to appease them, and occasionally boots to be thrown at them in order to get them to turn on. Since my computer seems to require flashing disco lights in order to work at all and refuses to run on anything but Linux, it’s entirely possible that it requires a different configuration to stream anything over an M15+ rating.

    [sprinkles some salt on the ground, turns around three times, then wanders off to google “streaming video from file server for complete drooling imbeciles”]

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