Recording in the streets of Kuala Lumpur

I decided to record this week’s Patch Monday podcast in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, so I chose Jalan Alor in Bukit Bintang, a street lined with hawker food stalls.

This is a frame grab from a Flip TV video camera, so it’s a bit rough. But I hope it conveys some of the flavour of the moment.

I’m speaking into my Zoom H4n recorder and its Rode Dead Kitten windscreen, reading the script from my battered old MacBook Pro. The nearby family seems bemused.

The finished podcast will be posted on Monday is Crims come to the net: expert and patient.

[Update 12 September 2011: And here’s a video.]

3 Replies to “Recording in the streets of Kuala Lumpur”

  1. No doubt they’re wondering what the kitten did to deserve that fate!

    I was rather hoping for a pic of the Tom Yum you had, too. Sounded damn tasty.

  2. Someone should do the caption of the family in the background.

    Mom: Look! what is this man doing. Is he a terrorist? But he is a white ghost, he can’t be, can he?
    Dad: I want his toys, especially the fluffy one!
    Son: Ice-cream is over there.

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