One more New Australian

Photograph of Mayor of Marrickville, Dimitrios Thanos, with Trinn Suwannapa, holding an Australian Citizenship certificate

I want a photo to be sitting at the top of the website through the night, not just the links digest and Twitter digest that appear at midnight. So, here’s ’Pong receiving his Australian Citizenship certificate from the Mayor of Marrickville, Councillor Dimitrios Thanos.

He’s a dentist, but we’re allowed to show you his face.

And doesn’t he look like he’s loving this? Still, we had a drink and chatted local politics afterwards. More of that later.

In theory, this post should only appear at two minutes past midnight on Saturday morning, Australian Eastern Daylight time. If anyone’s visiting at that time, please let me know if it worked.

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  1. @Tarquin: Yes, the “scheduled post” worked perfectly. Sadly, I’d set it for 0002, but the auto-post was batched by them at 0024 and that item ended up on top of the website. I have (unethically?) edited the timestamp of this story to 0030 to put things in the order I wanted.

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