Conroy’s Cnutful Hat Trick

Photograph of Senator Stephen Conroy labelled Cnut of the Week

Yes, Stephen Stephen Conroy was voted “Cnut of the Week” for the third time running by the audience of last night’s Stilgherrian Live — which you can watch online now. My people do not like his Internet censorship plans, it seems!

We had so many nominations, ranging from “NSW wheat farmers” (who, despite record crops in some areas, are still whingeing because the world economic recession means they can’t get the price they want for their grain) to “the people of Arkansas” (for their medieval attitude to gay couples adopting children).

Still, despite a strong final field including Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (for calling US President-Elect “tanned”), Vitamin D (you’ll have to watch) and NSW Premier Nathan Rees (for recent state budget cuts), Senator Conroy was the clear winner with 66% of the vote.

6 Replies to “Conroy’s Cnutful Hat Trick”

  1. I really like to make an award or a trophy for each Cnut of the week. Here is some suggestion from twitterverse so far.

    @josh909: i propose the trophy should be made of glued macaroni and glitter.
    @JonoH: we should… perhaps a baked good? this one?
    @facibus: A postcard of King Canute, or a painting depicting a clam? 🙂
    @lebard: Maybe the Chaser’s could give it out, there’s a distribution deal 🙂
    @voirol: It would have to be a bukkit, no?

  2. @’Pong: This whole “Cnut of the Week” thing is getting completely out of hand! And some of those suggestions are… disturbing. Still, some sort of award or certificate which we could send the winner might be kind of fun.

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