Special Melon Pepperoni Edition now online!

Screenshot of Andrew Bolt as Cnut of the Week

Episode 41 of Stilgherrian Live is now online for your viewing pleasure — although of course the live chat is a vital part of the experience and you really ought to be watching it live.

The clear winner of “Cnut of the Week” was Andrew Bolt (pictured) with 79% of the vote, for his continuing denialism regarding climate change and for failing to understand that the debate about Internet censorship has moved well past calling everyone a pedophile. His comment on Thursday night’s Q&A drew particular ire.

Well, I think a lot of people are getting very worried about something that hasn’t actually been decided or rolled out. I think it’s incredible and it’s not as if there’s only one right at stake, which is the right to masturbate over photos of children being raped. I mean, that’s not the only right at stake here. There’s another right, and that’s the right to protect children, and I think it all comes down to how does it actually work in practice. And if it does, indeed, do what some of these people are getting hyper about, you know, slow internet speeds by 87 per cent or stop people from looking at legitimate political sites, I’m sure I would bet my bottom dollar that Steve won’t approve it.

We had many fine nominations, but those that made the shortlist were overwhelmed by Bolt’s cnutery. The Leslie Nassar / Fake Stephen Conroy / Telstra debacle received 12% of the votes, then Senator Stephen Conroy on 7% and the German police on a mere 1% for their raid on the Wikileaks volunteer.

The question has been raised: Should Stilgherrian Live move to Friday nights permanently? Whaddyareckon?

4 Replies to “Special Melon Pepperoni Edition now online!”

  1. I’d have to say Thursdays. I’ve never had a chance to see the show on a Thursday, due to internet restrictions (I only get internet Friday through Sunday), I use prepaid 3G during the rest of the week, and after watching last night, would definately be willing to blow my credit on the show each Thursday.

  2. @Zombie_Plan: Thanks very much for the compliments here and in your own blog post. Alas, whichever night I pick for the program, it’ll be “wrong” some some.

    The question of when Stilgherrian Live should happen is actually part of an even wider question I’m asking myself at the moment: Which kinds of media work should I concentrate on?

    Currently there’s Stilgherrian Live (almost) weekly, which takes about six hours out of my week for (currently) zero income; writing for Crikey, which is intermittent but increasing in frequency, and which does pay; the odd story for New Matilda, which pays; writing here, which of course doesn’t pay; and various other ideas. Somewhere in there I need to generate more income than writing alone can provide — at least at current rates.

    It’s a conundrum. More on that soon.

  3. Me, I only masturbate over pictures of Andrew Dolt being raped. And I have a god-given right to do so, don’t ya know.

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