John Howard sees scary poll, reveals super powers

Photo of John Howard destroying a voter with strange forcesWith his electoral hopes still looking decidedly problematic, Prime Minister John Howard has revealed his last-ditch plan to destroy all uncooperative voters using previously-unseen super-powers.

The latest face-to-face Morgan poll show Labor well ahead at 62% to 38% on a two-party-preferred (TPP) split. We can see what sort of parliament that would give us using Antony Green’s super-dooper calculator scooper: Labor with a vast majority of 134 seats in parliament versus a Coalition rump of just 14.

That’s the worst polling for the Coalition so far this year.

During a particularly chaotic shopping centre visit in western Sydney yesterday, voters called Howard a “scumbag” and a “disgrace”, while police were left to check this woman’s health as the aspirational nationalist Dear Leader strode manfully into the middle distance, smile fixed.

Is this, as Ambit Gambit suggests, the defining image of the campaign?

Hat tip: Possum’s Pollytics via the Snarky Platypus (sort of).

[Update 20 August 2010: I probably should have linked to Dave from Albury’s original blog post, rather than where I found this image. There. Fixed now.]

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