Greens to support computer games industry

Today The Greens are launching a policy to support the computer games industry in Australia.

There was a story earlier this year that the gaming industry is now bigger than the film industry. That’s only true if you compare the whole gaming industry with just film box-office sales and ignore DVD sales and rentals, exports and other non-cinema income. Still, it does make a point: gaming is a lot bigger than most people realise.

The gaming industry wants the same tax breaks as the film industry. I figure that to be consistent, yes, either they both get these breaks or they both don’t.

3 Replies to “Greens to support computer games industry”

  1. Game industry is growing as another medium. It won’t replace other entertainment business like film or music. Anyway, local content should be supported.

  2. Not sure a tree hugging game would be commercially successful. Then again, some of the Wii games are a bit flowers-in-your-hair.

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