Happy Aussie-Ox Day

Photograph of giant paper-lantern ox for Chinese New Year

This year Australia Day coincides with Chinese New Year. It’s the start of the Year of the Ox in just a few hours — New Moon is at 1853 AEDT — which explains this giant ox in Belmore Park.

I haven’t written anything new this year. My photographic post Great Australian Dreaming 1, our silly new national anthem and my essay Are you proud of your culture? said it all last year. Unless I think of something really original later today.

2 Replies to “Happy Aussie-Ox Day”

  1. Sadly, the ox was not, as I’d originally thought, inflatable but made with paper on a wire frame like a Chinese lantern. Which makes sense. Otherwise we’d have liberated this ox.

    As someone pointed out, you have to be blind drunk to steal giant inflatable animals. True. And, if you are blind drunk, it’s compulsory to steal giant inflatable animals.

    I agree with whoever it was who said it’d make a great backdrop for Stilgherrian Live

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