John Howard’s “Margin of Terror”

According to an analysis at Possums Pollytics, the latest polls show a 14% swing to Labor in safe Coalition electorates. That means in the forthcoming federal election some 40 government seats could come into play. Would Howard be quaking in his sneakers or what? Thanks to the Snarky Platypus for the pointer.

3 Replies to “John Howard’s “Margin of Terror””

  1. I hope howard gets re-elected. we’ve all got our fingers crossed over here. i think he is a great PM and has really made this country even more fantastic than it already is. the economy is booming and so many things have gone well. long live howard!

  2. @Fiona: Well, it’s looking like you’ll have to cross more than just your fingers to keep your Beloved Leader in power. Today’s commentary now puts the swing at 46 seats.

    I do take issue with the idea of Howard as a “great” leader. I’d probably reserve the term “great” for someone like Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery, or Winston Churchill who led his people through the dark days of war.

    I’ll write more about this in the next few days, but quite frankly “the economy is booming” isn’t good enough. The tough reforms that led to the current boom were actually made by Hawke and Keating, and the only reasons the boom continues are that we’re selling major government assets and exporting coal and other commodities like there’s no tomorrow. That’s no way to run a nation long-term — and every economist knows it.

    @Zern: Nicely spotted, ta.

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