The National Broadband Network, Day 2

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It’s the second day of the RuddNet, and everyone’s still getting their heads around it. Here’s a few quick reads to orient you to this… yes… this, the largest infrastructure project in Australia’s history. If it happens.

  1. NBN: Pricey, but it’s building for the long term, my main Crikey piece covering my thoughts today. Well, some of them.
  2. Crikey Clarifier: National Broadband Network, Part 2, discussing the key differences between fixed and wireless broadband, and the structure of “the Internet industry”. (Part 1 was yesterday.)
  3. Secret team kept even ministers in the dark, in which Fairfax’s Chief Political Correspondent Phillip Coorey provides some background.
  4. Super-fast trip to a world full of surprises, Mark Pesce’s op-ed about the possibilities.
  5. Kevin Rudd’s partner, comparing RuddNet with the politics of Australia’s first wireless telegraphy link to London. The more things change etc.

There’s bound to be more. Much more. This is a huge story. I’ll try to provide the choice links.

2 Replies to “The National Broadband Network, Day 2”

  1. How about this then: the new NBN scheme, in part at least, is aimed at offsetting (indeed trumping) legitimate arguments over the internet speed reduction likely to be incurred by the proposed filtering regime.

    I think this new initiative, if implemented, is terrific…but a great way to take people’s eyes off the ball at the height of the game is to throw an even bigger ball onto the field. No?

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