4 Replies to “UK bombing satire”

  1. Hi Stilgherrian,

    I came to your blog via The Other Andrew — I remember you when you had two names, but not the ones you were given at birth.

    I deal with the term ‘space’ with appropriate respect by adopting a lisp. It comes up in art history quite a lot — especially the concept of ‘gendered thpathe’.

  2. @Quatrefoil: By those two names you must surely mean my SCA persona, since the mundane world has only ever known “Stilgherrian” and the name I was christened. Well met! I haven’t done anything SCAish for years.

    I think your comment belonged to another post, but I see the usability problem which caused that glitch. I do like the lisp approach, thanks!

  3. Yes, and yes. I’m planning on holding a meeting of SCAdians anonymous to catch up with other people who used to play SCA and would like to keep in touch in a non-SCA context. I figure we can sit round and say ‘My name is x, I am a recovering SCAdian, it’s been five years since my last event …’.

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