Episode 37 online

Screenshot from Stilgherrian Live episode 37

Stilgherrian Live episode 37 is now online for your viewing pleasure.

Of course it’s never the same without the live chat amongst the audience members, but there it is. We chose the “Cnut of the Week” (and I suspect I won’t give anything away if I say the result was predictable), and Gnamed the Gnome. We also explored the digestive system and did something distasteful involving bushfires.

[Update 13 February: For some reason it looks like the recorded audio is out of sync. I’ll drop a support note to Ustream tonight.]

One Reply to “Episode 37 online”

  1. I have been chastised for not posting the results for “Cnut of the Week”:

    1. Pastor Danny Nalliah 57%
    2. Peter Costello 19%
    3. Freeview Australia 19%
    4. Senator Nick Xenophon 5%

    I wonder how Senator Xenophon’s vote would have gone if Friday’s news had been on the table: that by reducing many people’s $950 cash bonus to $900, he’s been able to secure another half billion dollars to help save the Murray River?

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