Gname the Gnome!

Photo of female garden gnome with bare breasts and a green g-string

If you’ve watched His Benevolence Stilgherrian’s Christmas Message then you’ll be familiar with this delightful creature. She needs a name.

’Pong found her at the local two-dollar shop, and things she was the only one there. However I’m certain there’s a factory in coastal China churning out vast numbers of the bare-breasted beauties, in serried ranks like the Terracotta Army only much, much sexier. Like Amazons.

Name suggestions?

34 Replies to “Gname the Gnome!”

  1. Photos comparing bare-breasted garden gnome with John Kerr @Jason Ryan: I can only agree. Once you look at the two people in black and white, the resemblance is uncanny. Well spotted, Sir!

    I’d always wondered what was beneath that well-pressed suit. Now I know.

  2. Well I thought it looked like Joan Kirner! But perhaps it needs a spotty dress for that! I would actually rather call it Mrs Stephen Conroy. Just for all the searching possibilities in Google Images.

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