Yes, Episode 44 is tonight!

Screenshot from Stilgherrian Live episode 43

I seem to have forgotten to tell you that episode 43 of Stilgherrian Live is online for your viewing pleasure. It has been for nearly two weeks! So does that mean there’s another episode tonight? It does.

This means I need to do a number of things.

First, I need to tell you that last program’s “Cnut of the Week” finalists were: 4th Miranda Devine (18%); equal 2nd Jane Schulze and Associated Press, and The Cuffs Guy (24% each); 1st The Liberal Party Generally (34%).

Second, I need to tell you that…

Nominations are now open for this week’s “Cnut of the Week”.

Cnut of the Week graphic

Actually, it’s “Cnut of the Fortnight”, I think, since there’s bound to have been some special work in the 14 days since the last program.

Please remember the rules. We’re looking for people, organisations or other entities who are futilely trying to hold back the tide of change. It has to be something in the news in the last fortnight, and you have to explain yourself. Nominees have to be not merely doing bad things, but failing to notice or adapt to the change around them.

If you don’t link your nomination to the “tide of change” thing and just whinge about something bad that’s happened, I will ridicule you mercilessly. You have been warned.

As always, nominations close at 8.30pm Sydney time sharp, and you must nominate on the website to count.

Who do you nominate, and why?

Speaking of 8.30pm, you should also watch my friend Nick Hodge‘s program @nickhodge — yes, the program is named the same as his Twitter identity — ‘cos he’s doing something special for the forthcoming Anzac Day.

19 Replies to “Yes, Episode 44 is tonight!”

  1. I nominate Bruce Perens for thinking that the physical cutting of a fibre cable is considered as a “Cyber Attack”.

    To commit a Cyber attack you have to actually use a computer.

    1. @Yin_0x7f: I’m not so sure. Is a “cyber attack” (a lame term anyway, as I know we both agree) necessarily an attack over the network using a computer? Or can it be something like the Morgan Hill incident, an attack upon the network using old-fashioned physical methods?

      1. i guess it could be considered a Cyber Attack, although it should be seen as common Vandalism, and not something as complicated as a cyber attack.

  2. I vote for Tom Koutsantonis, the ultra-ambitious and not very honest former South Australian Road Safety Minister. He took on the portfolio with over 30 road traffic offences, from speeding to using a mobile phone while driving, and having some of the fines unpaid. Not very credible. At least he has paid his fines and resigned the day after the Advertiser spilled the beans to the SA public, to continue his career in other areas where he has not broken the law. Epic Fail.

    South Australia now considering police checks for politicians. Many state employees have to do this, but not pollies. Yawn.

  3. Channel 9 for starting the whole EPG/IceTV debacle 3 years ago… which came to its final outcome in the high court this week… they lost.

  4. Penny Wong for continuing with her take-it-or-get-nothing response to catastrophic climate change. We need a catastrophic ministerial change.

  5. How about “HR Professionals”? European training survey shows HR and training holding back change —

    If i could rant about HR like Bill Hicks rants about Marketers… I would… But I’d not do the rant justice..

    Cnut on!

  6. It’s obvious: Oprah. For having the temerity to join Twitter and gather half a million followers in the first week. What’s she holding the tide against? The legitimate use of Twitter as a peer-to-peer social medium. Twitter can’t be just rock stars and celebutards. But with Oprah’s bad behaviour — constructing an entire show around Twitter — she’s done more to damage the brand than any other Twitterer. Ever.

    1. @’Pong: That’s weird, for some reason your comment was tagged as spam and I only found it this morning. That’s a shame. I would have liked to have ranted about Khun Thaksin for a while.

  7. I nominate everybody who has a direct or indirect affect on my life. You are all stopping me from moving forwards with my plan for an early retirement with your continual fucktarditude.

    I realise this is an esoteric nomination, but I’ve had a bad day, so fuck it.

    PS – love the show 🙂

    1. @Scott Swabey “fucktartitude” is a cracker! Think I’ll back @mpesce with Oprah, although South Australia looks like a goer with Tom Koutsantonis AND Penny Wong. . .

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