Gname the Gnome!

Photo of female garden gnome with bare breasts and a green g-string

If you’ve watched His Benevolence Stilgherrian’s Christmas Message then you’ll be familiar with this delightful creature. She needs a name.

’Pong found her at the local two-dollar shop, and things she was the only one there. However I’m certain there’s a factory in coastal China churning out vast numbers of the bare-breasted beauties, in serried ranks like the Terracotta Army only much, much sexier. Like Amazons.

Name suggestions?

34 Replies to “Gname the Gnome!”

  1. hate to burst your bubble, but when walking past the discount store on fouveaux street (surry hills), i couldn’t help but notice about 40 of them inside the door lol…

  2. @josh090: That news doesn’t “burst my bubble”, but rather… well… I’m getting a little turned on! Serried ranks of bare-breasted Amazon gnomes marching through suburban streets!

  3. Great to see you promoting the gnome. My wife picked up about a dozen of these buxom gnomes from a cheap shop recently, and we’ve started leaving them hidden in the gardens of family members to be discovered later.

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