When should I deliver my Christmas Message?

Photograph of Stilgherrian for Christmas

OK, the photo is from last year, but I couldn’t be bothered doing another one just yet. However, I have an important question for you!

Next Thursday is Christmas Day, and I’ve decided to do a special edition of Stilgherrian Live called His Excellency Stilgherrian’s Christmas Message His Benevolence Stilgherrian’s Christmas Message [see comments]. Something along the lines of Her Majesty’s little efforts from 2007 or 1957.

The question is: What time on Christmas Day should it be broadcast. In the afternoon at 3pm? Certainly not the usual 9.30pm, as everyone will have collapsed by then. But when? And what else should the program contain?

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  1. Love that photo. I reckon 3 or 4 is great as it’s not sleep-in time, lunch time or dinner time, we’re not COMPLETELY wasted by then (well, maybe). For those with kids around it’s got that excitement of opening presents bit out of the way.

  2. Do what Betty does and record it earlier and post it on YouTube. She does post hers on YouTube right? Or else live at 4ish…

  3. @Genevieve Robey: I’m starting to see a consensus emerge to have the Message broadcast at 3pm or 4pm. I’ll make the final decision on Monday. I’m tending towards 4pm unless we see a late-minute swing.

    @Fiona: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II does indeed pre-record her massage and put it onto YouTube at The Royal Channel I’ve already planned to pre-record His Benevolence Stilgherrian’s Christmas Message, as it’s now going to be called — we are all Popes, right? — as the first item in a live feed of special Christmas Day programming.

    @Sean the Blogonaut: Too late to sell physical cards this year. However, I’m planning to develop some more little money-making ideas like that next year for my new business Skank Media.

    I intend writing the Message late today (Sunday) and recording it on Wednesday. That gives us time to edit in the graphics and so on. Mind you, I still have to discuss that with ’Pong.

  4. Stilgherrian,

    I like you card. I didn’t see it last year, so it is new form me. I can almost hear you saying “Bah Humbug!!” or something of that sort.
    Please do let me know if an when you will do your broadcast.

    I know that you are completely devoid of any faith regarding Jesus, and Mary and Joseph and shepherds and angels and wise men and children wearing tea towels et cetera… bit I wish you merry Christmas anyway.

    I hope that that day goes well for you.

    Warmest regards

    Andrew A.

    PS* Please do keep us posted (on Facebook) regarding the time of your broadcast. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Anytime after 3pm I should reckon would be ideal…but preferably before 9pm inkerhol and/or sleep tends to weigh down on people heavily by that time.

  6. Increasingly I’m thinking that 6pm Sydney time may be the go. It gives me time to prepare everything without rushing, yet means our “two hours of special Christmas Day entertainment” which follows the Christmas Message is over before everyone is too messy.

    Unless we’re all too messy by midday, as tradition calls?

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