Preview: Stilgherrian Live Road Trip to Yass

Tomorrow, Nick Hodge is driving ’Pong and me to Canberra for Thursday’s Politics & Technology Forum. But we’re taking a detour to Yass. And the whole event will be a Stilgherrian Live Road Trip.

You’ll be able to follow the live video on the Stilgherrian Live page. However I’m planning to put a page together tonight where you’ll be able to view proceedings on the liveblog, the live video and the live chat all on one page! Maybe even see our current location on a map, thanks to GPS!

So, what’s happening when…?

First, this will be a lot less structured than even the regular Stilgherrian Live programs. This is mostly a technical test to see whether it’s even possible to sustain a live video feed from a moving car using Telstra’s Next G network — which, yes, they provide for free — and a way for a handful of geeks to amuse themselves on a 4-hour drive.

9.30am Sydney time: Live programming starts.

10.00am: Nick Hodge collects us from Enmore. Watch us load the 3-camera video set-up into the Mini.

11.00am: Richard Chirgwin calls in to record my interview for this week’s A Series of Tubes podcast. Inbound Skype calls to a moving car!

1.30pm: Arrive in Yass and go offline while we have lunch.

3.00pm: Back online! Watch us record a video interview with a Special Guest Geek Girl!

4.00pm: Explore Yass a little, with ’Pong taking photos of the lovely Victorian-era architecture.

5.00pm: Leave Yass for Canberra. Watch our live video feed as we arrive in the nation’s capital!

6.00pm: All done!

I’ll post more in the morning.

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