Stilgherrian Live Road Trip to Yass

Yes, it’s today! In under an hour we’ll be leaving Sydney on our Stilgherrian Live Road Trip to Yass!

For background information, read yesterday’s preview.

There’s a video feed and chat via, and a liveblog. You can watch all of the elements on one page, rendered in glorious HTML 4.01 with tables. (Oh shut up, you CSS zealots!) Or you can watch the video and chat on and the liveblog below the fold.

If you can’t see the CoveritLive tool immediately below, then you’re not using a compatible browser. Anything written without attribution will be from me.

If I post stuff onto my Twitter stream, I’ll use the hashtag #rtyass, and I encourage any backchannel commenters to use the same.

Transport is being provided by Nick Hodge and Microsoft, and bandwidth by Telstra’s Next G mobile broadband network.

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