Earth Hour a dud?

My gut impression was that last night’s Earth Hour in Sydney was less about individual involvement this year, more about corporate sponsors ostentatiously turning off lights at head office. Agreed? There was little visible effect to be seen as my train approached the Sydney CBD just after the 8pm start time, and while walking past bars and restaurants in Surry Hills there was little difference apart from a few token candles at some eateries. Oxford Street looked pretty much as usual. Last year I had lengthy thoughts. This year I agree with the usually-irritating Helen Razer when she says A Blaze of Conceit Will Light up the World.

3 Replies to “Earth Hour a dud?”

  1. @Benn Glazier: Some very fine photos there, sir! I particularly like what you’ve done with the MLC Centre because (1) I have a client there, so often pop in, and (2) Harry Seidler is a favourite architect.

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