Secret Men’s Business 4: Clarendon Hotel, Surry Hills

Photograph of the urinal in the Clarendon Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney

It’s been too long since I’ve posted one of my urinal photos. Let’s fix that.

This image was taken last week at the Clarendon Hotel on Devonshire Street, Surry Hills in Sydney, after a particularly pleasant conversation with a couple of friends.

7 Replies to “Secret Men’s Business 4: Clarendon Hotel, Surry Hills”

  1. I love these pics — such voyeurism. And I love the shape of these urinals. I may feel the need to use them as design inspiration for some traditional handcraft project.

  2. @Quatrefoil: No worries, I’ll keep them coming. Indeed, I’m tempted to use “the good camera” rather than phone to get a much better series of images. That said, though, the grainy low-light style of the phone’s camera output adds to that voyeruristic feel, no?

  3. Absolutely – it’s the still equivalent of film noir.

    Actually, I think there’s a coffee-table book in this project …

  4. @Quatrefoil: Shaped like vaginas to assist aim. In Singapore, they politely put a convincing image of a fly in the middle of the porcelain.

  5. @Stephen Stockwell: It’s more than likely that you have seen more vaginas than I have, but I have to say these don’t strike me as particularly vaginal. And besides I would have thought that the point of a vagina was not to encourage people (men, specifically) to aim at it from a distance. But far be it from me to be negative about other people’s practices or preferences.

  6. @Quatrefoil: Any receptacle that’s roughly oblong shaped, with a pointy end or two, has enough of a vaginal connotation for me. And of course the point of an actual vagina is not to encourage aiming at from a distance. But then that’s not what we’re talking about.

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