5 Replies to “Homebush Bay Scum”

  1. This is a very Post Modernist image, and a strangely attractive one — until you know what it is composed of. I imagine it is composed of poisoned algae intersected with swirls of unrefined Stygian black sump oil? As with most good art, the image invites you to admire the work on more than one level. Is it the remains of a camel track in the once fertile sands of Syria? Perhaps the image is a true Modernist work of art painted by Monêt when on one of his prolonged absinthe drinking binges?

    The sea bird in the background might have been more evocative if placed closer to the blue tinted sludge. Or is it a pile of dog shit?

    Altogether the artist, Mr Stilgherrian, has produced a work of intriguing complexity and shows us an advanced perception of our waterways and their fragile future in this imaginative depiction of our environment in the late twenty-first century.

    PS: I thought a bit of art curator speak might amuse you. Funnily enough it is a very good image.



  2. It’s not scum, well, not for they wildlife they live upon it. Sydney Bicentennial Park is great for that purpose.

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