No, we are not the same, Snarky Platypus!

Photographs of fictional Ja'mie King and Stilgherrian

On the right is perhaps one of the best photos of me ever, taken by @funkycoda on Saturday and posted by Miss Wired. Snarky Platypus reckons I look like Ja’mie King, that’s “her” on the left. Ahem.

Now I’m not that sure that I like this comparison. However Courtney Gibson says, “Ja’mie is a beautiful and sweet-natured Australian girl in the first flush of womanhood — at least u can feel flattered.”

Should I be flattered? Really?

[Update 28 April 2009: Edited to correctly credit the photo.]

2 Replies to “No, we are not the same, Snarky Platypus!”

  1. Courtney Gibson has since said: “Ja’mie’s father’s name is Marcus King but as no-one’s ever seen him his identity remains shrouded in mystery… care2comment?” No, I do not so care.

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