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My week of Monday 26 November to Sunday 2 December 2018 was rich and varied, with a little more research and writing than I’d expected.


I’ve also written nearly all of another ZDNet article, which is likely to appear on Monday.

Podcasts, Media Appearances


Corporate Largesse

  • On Tuesday, Cybereason’s briefing session was held at STUDIO at the top of Sydney Tower. There was good food and quite a lot of wine.

The Week Ahead

After a slow start, Monday is a writing day, as well as a day of administrivia for the first working day of the month.

On Tuesday I head down to Sydney for a medical appointment, to interview a cybersecurity executive, and to attend a Sydney Ideas evening lecture on White Fragility. I’ll stay in Sydney overnight so can work in Sydney on Wednesday.

I’ll head to Sydney again on Thursday morning, slightly earlier, for a dental appointment, some errands, the ever-dangerous annual Annual Communications & Internet Community Boat Cruise, and dinner with a friend. Once more I’ll stay in Sydney overnight, with Friday as a writing day of some sort.

The weekend is not yet planned.

Further Ahead

Nicholas Fryer and I will be recording another joint episode of The 9pm Edict podcast on Thursday 22 December, and it should be posted that night.

[Photo: Looking across Sydney Harbour from Sydney Tower. The view to the north-east from Sydney Tower, with the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Base East in the mid-ground, and out towards Sydney Heads, photographed on 27 November 2018.]

ICC SydneyMy week of Monday 22 to Sunday 28 October 2018 was dominated by the building in the photo, the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), because I was covering SWIFT’s Sibos global financial services conference. It was all a bit strange.

I’m used to plenty of hospitality at cybersecurity conferences, but the international banking industry works at a whole different level. It also generated three stories, with another one or two still to come.

And all of this happened despite a night of drinking whisky. I’d like to quash the rumour that we were drinking whisky until 6am, however. It was only about 5.50am.



Media Appearances


Corporate Largesse

  • SWIFT’s Sibos global financial services conference was awash with plenty of high-quality food and drink. I didn’t trawl the stalls, even though there were some excellent things on offer. I just grabbed a pen from the Reserve Bank of Australia when mine broke.

The Week Ahead

On Monday I’m writing something for ZDNet before doing the shopping and other errands in Katoomba.

Tuesday will be a long day. I’m catching the 0607 train down to Sydney to cover the McAfee MPOWER Cyber Security Summit. I daresay that as a result I’ll be writing something else for ZDNet on Wednesday.

Update 30 October: I’m down with what I’m calling Banker Flu. Monday and Tuesday have been write-offs. Wednesday will be about story pitches, writing, and the shopping.

I’ll leave Thursday and Friday unplanned for the time being. I have the sneaking suspicion that there’ll be something newsworthy to write about, and I’ll sort out the podcast plans for the rest of the year.

Further Ahead

There’s nothing specific pencilled in yet, so I should probably do something about that. Suggestions are more than welcome.

[Photo: ICC Sydney, photographed on 24 October 2018.]