Heath Ledger spikes my website, Day 1

Further to this morning’s post about The Heath Ledger Experiment, here’s a graph of my website traffic so far this month.

Traffic Graph for 2008-01-24 showing spike 3x in traffic yesterday

As you can see, traffic roughly tripled yesterday after my little game. The data for today is only for midnight to roughly 4am, so that’s why it’s so low.

The increase in traffic from 15 January is due to Corey Worthington Delaney. Most of that is to the page Corey Delaney, freedom fighter (for the right to party), even though I’m much happier with Arrest of “teen party host” highlights stupidity of law.

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A Corey Delaney cartoon for your pleasure

Clip from The Plastic Age cartoon

Rhys McDonald, who comments here and lives in our village a long way from our village up the coast somewhere, is apparently too shy to pimp his rather amusing cartoon of this week’s poster boy for post-natal abortion. Enjoy.

Actually, it’ll be interesting to see what sort of satire is generated by this boy. Do tell me if you see anything.

[Update 21 January 2008: For some reason I thought Rhys was a local. I was wrong.]

Corey t-shirts available, website traffic doubles

Image of Corey Delaney Worthington t-short: I’ll say sorry but I’m not taking off my glasses

Yes, Corey t-shirts are now available from BustedTees.

While it’s a day since Alex Willemyns posted this, one still wonders what took them so long. They had hours! Will Corey demand a cut of the profits. Or are the shirts are already courtesy of his agent?

Alex also posts what I agree is one of Corey’s best quotes.

Over the past couple of days, traffic to this website has doubled thanks to people eager for Corey news.

I’d particularly like to commend the 48 people who were searching for “corey delaney naked”. Class act, folks.

Arrest of “teen party host” highlights stupidity of law

Photograph of male youths with pixelated faces

Yesterday a Melbourne teenager was charged with creating a public nuisance and producing child pornography. Reuters tells us he “became a controversial media star after a wild party at his parents’ house became a near riot, forcing police to call in a helicopter and the dog squad”. Hands up if you think you know his name.

Now, keep your hands up if you’re completely bloody sure you know his name.

OK, hands down.

Yet again we see how Australia’s laws have failed to adapt to the Internet age.

Everybody and their dog, globally, has been reporting the rise to fame of glamorous Melbourne socialite Corey Worthington Delaney. I’ve written two essays already [1, 2], and this third one probably won’t be the last. My friends at Crikey published The Corey Timeline yesterday (republished by Peter Black too, if the Crikey original is behind their paywall).

Now, under Victorian law, as in many other democracies, the media cannot identify minors charged with criminal offences. Nor can they identify who’s brought before the children’s court. Fair enough. Once upon a time we all agreed that youthful indiscretions shouldn’t mar our reputation for life.

So now we have the ludicrous situation where National Nine News and The Age and everyone else is talking about “a 16-year-old boy” as if we haven’t noticed a flood of media reports about a specific, named 16yo who — in an amazing coincidence — held a wild party on the weekend where the police were called, including a helicopter and the dog squad.

Happens all the time. Could well be someone else.

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