Secret Men’s Business 3: Chat Thai, Sydney

Photograph of the toilet at Chat Thai restaurant, Sydney

At some point my series of toilet and urinal images needs to move away from pubs and Thai restaurants. But not tonight.

Here’s the toilet at the Chat Thai restaurant in Campbell Street, Sydney. A great modern Thai eatery, all in yellow and black. Including this Dalek trying to disguise itself with a potted plant.

Secret Men’s Business

Photograph of a cramped urinal in St Ives

This urinal in a suburban office at St Ives is completely different from the boldly-patterned tiles of the Lansdowne Hotel men’s toilet floor. Starkly simple, almost bleak.

And, I should add, slightly claustrophobic.

As I mentioned in the comments, I think I will turn this into an art project. A colleague now works for Flickr and upgraded me to a “pro” account — even though I’ve published only one single image so I could comment on ’Pong’s photos.

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