Day 3, and I’ve been subdued

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m having a slow day thanks to the side effects of yesterday’s batch of vaccinations. Nevertheless, here’s a video, recorded around 7.15am.

(If the video isn’t working, try over at Viddler.)

A video with Gnaomi and a cat? What a bonus!

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  1. Salads might be off the diet for you, but what about pickled vegies? These are incredibly popular in Oman (who got the idea from Somalia I believe), they’re often served in place of salad. I assume the pickles are also popular in Tanzania, but not sure. Worth querying the Travel Doctors about, for it would add variety to your diet (even if your visit is but for a short time).

    Hopefully you won’t need the flowchart, but it is a handy device to work out how to treat oneself. In Oman we always had to skip to the box labelled “Giardia”. Always. 🙁

    Keep taking it easy for the rest of today, no doubt you’ll feel much better on the morrow.

  2. I lost my Yellow Fever booklet before I went to South America for a 12 week trip in 2004. Upon return, I told Customs of my missing book and they interviewed me for 30 minutes but sent me through the gate with a referral for my doctor that if I succumb to Yellow Fever, I was to advise Customs. Which is all a bit odd since I had been immunised but with no book they didn’t believe me.

    One thing that freaked me out was a three day visit to a village in the Amazon and I had a very weak repellant so I spent most of my time behind the mosquito net enclaves. Exotic local foods should not be a problem. I ate off mud floors at one place with no problem. But I’m talking a completely different continent. Enjoy hot Tanzania. These people sound “hip”.

  3. @Neerav: Bloody big gun, I’d say! I’m probably uncontrollable.

    @Desertgirl: This is really showing up how little I know about my destination. Part of me is saying, “Every culture has pickles, surely?” Another part is saying, “What, Maasai warriors carry around pots of vinegar while on the hunt, eh?”

    Giardia. Whacko. Been there, done that. Not pleasant.

    @Trekalong: I asked the Travel Doctor where the quarantine station was these days, and she didn’t know. She said they probably did what you just described — send you home and get you to report to your doctor. Seems a tad ramshackle to me, but what would I know?

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