First ActionAid blog online

Screenshot of Archie@ActionAid, the first ActionAid blog: click to go there

Before Project TOTO takes me to Tanzania — in just 20 hours — I had to get ActionAid Australia‘s blogs online. Done! With, oh, hours to spare!

Stressed much? Oh yes!

Archie@ActionAid is the new personal blog of CEO Archie Law. His first post, From Melbourne to New York, Phnom Penh, Johannesburg and back, reveals his not-very-secret musical background and why he’s dedicated a good chunk of his life to the international humanitarian and development sector.

It’s Archie’s first entrance into the blogosphere so, please, have a read and let him know what you’d like to hear about. You can also follow Archie on Twitter.

If you’re interested in the technical details, read on…

It’s built in WordPress MU, the multi-user version of WordPress, which means it’s easy for us to add further blogs coming off the top-level ActionAid blogs site. I used the excellent Tarski theme — the same one I use for my own site — with a custom stylesheet to shift it towards the look’n’feel of their main website.

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  1. Cool. I found WordPress MU to be a little flaky, mainly because so many of the existing plug-ins and themes are for the core WordPress and don’t work with it. I’ve been quite happy with Drupal, but I can appreciate that for just getting something working without endless fiddling, WordPress is unmatched. (And the themes are generally nicer. Drupal is bloody clever, but I’ve yet to find a theme that wasn’t eye-gougingly ugly. The Drupal theme designers all appear to be utterly incapable of using whitespace.)

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