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March 3rd, 2008

Heading east, Bronte-bound. It’d be better if I were riding a goat. Or perhaps some kind of hyperspace-teleportation spacecraft with fins.

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Tuesday plan: 1000 client meeting at Bronte; return home for lunch; afternoon at desk doing webby stuff & admin; evening writing?

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@Nickhodge Girls just wanna have fun. Even those who are boys. Sorry, “bois”. Apparently everything is much more cooler if you mis-spell it.

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6pm requires some sort of ritual, I think. Especially on a F&$%#*#-up Monday.

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ABC Radio says blogging can make you feel more connected. Gosh.

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@zhasper I try not to read Miranda Devine, her lack of joined-up thinking shits me. And she gets paid for it!

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@mpesce The final panel selections will be VERY interesting. Particularly with the Opposition looking for ANY angle for criticism.

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@Warlach Congrats on editorship. Please do GRASP the role and Take Charge! (Even if it is “only” property mags.)

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Cleaners finally been and gone. Morning rant on Aust 2020 written.

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