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June 2nd, 2009

@kimberleighs Sydney Harbour Bridge webcam still shows reasonably busy traffic to my non-driver’s eye.

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My dream last night (in “Sleep 2: The 5am Collapse”) included a vast crenellated mud fort made of plasticine, with pewter soldiers.

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@ApostrophePong My pumpkin soup is usually more than adequate, yes. I can indeed, as you say, cook.

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“Everyone My Brother Knows in Girdwood, Alaska”: photos by Laura Domela. Ah, “local characters”. Captions FTW.

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@SnarkyPlatypus Bonjour. Je me sens comme à l’intérieur d’une anguille qui a été épluchés. Et vous?

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I have now turned off emails telling me about new followers. To attract my attention, more than just standing there listening is required.

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So, you follow me because I mentioned one word that relates vaguely to your business, once? Not much basis for a relationship, eh.

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Should you ever need a photo on a shower curtain you can, like, use http://www.photoshowercu… to put a photo on a shower curtain.

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Knackered enough to call that close enough to 6pm. Work day over. Some targets missed. No-one will die.

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@euan Hah! That’s three people now who’ve recommended that video on the vendor-client relationship! True too.

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@crustyadventure @mtcmorris Ah,you have great minds and think alike, both recommending this video.

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Dear Tyre-Kicker Client: While you’re lovely people, spending another hour with you “being lovely people” doesn’t pay the fucking rent!

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@piawaugh I see that we’re both speaking at SoGoKii next week. I suspect it’ll be a fun day!

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My QOTD: “Chanel Number 5 is really just high-bitrate Glen 20.” It made more sense in context.

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@kcarruthers Weren’t there more people involved in the Obama campaign than there are carbon atoms in the universe? Angels on a pinhead?

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