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October 26th, 2011

OH: “You shared a Coke with Colin today so you can just shut the fuck up.”

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@CPCPR Thank you. It’s routine root canal stuff and that’s the last of it.

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Dentistry done. Now to deal with emails then call it a day.

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One pill down.

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@Kimski_Impro “Slightly jaded” was exactly how I felt. The avatar, though, is nought to do with Mr Irwin.

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@Isometimeswish Ah yes, if only the name Spotify had come to the front of my brain while on air… ;)

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@deconstructo Erm, you know I’m in Sydney, right?

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Mobile again: Collect washing; drop it at the hotel; wander to the dentist; consume drugs; continue root canal work.

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@Kimski_Impro Well thank you very much. I’m especially happy with it, given it was written late in the evening in Las Vegas.

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@D_Keating Ah yes, I see your meaning. You’re right, I feel. It’s all very silly.

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Have a squizz at the definition of “Refused Classification”, @D_Keating, the fetish thing is kinda central.

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Eros Foundation response to Australian Customs Service’s seizure of dwarf porn.

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Still feeling smug because I mentioned Kurt Gödel in an article last week. I am pathetic.

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@trib The more I hear about DSD’s work the more I’m impressed. I’ve just put in a request to interview the relevant chaps.

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@dimi_the_geek Thank you. Separating good security advice from snake oil seems to be a theme of mine lately. The gods know we need it.

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Me at CSO: “DSD wins US Cybersecurity Innovation Award”: seriously cool, simple infosec advice.

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The second of two stories for today has been filed. It involves the Defence Signals Directorate and Cooper’s Extra Strong Vintage Ale.

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@expectproblems In a similar vein, “Why do you two smell like shame and disappointment?”

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Me at CSO: “Hybrid clouds the eventual reality for risk management”

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The first of two stories has been filed. Time to have some brunch and collect the washing, methinks.

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@leslienassar Not just the Walkman camp for “balance”, surely, but the entire “music sounds better on vinyl” league of arsehats?

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@mrtiedt Nope, I think you’re just going to have to cope. I’m not about to remove that little bit of harmless whimsey from my life.

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“The Neuroses of New York”, in which NYC is explained somewhat. HT @mediajorge

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@yeebok Ah no ‘cos that’s the thing that I don’t find funny at all. So many people have linked to it, tho, so there must be something in it.

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New blog post: “Talking iPod and iTunes on 1395 FIVEaa Adelaide”, with audio from yesterday.

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Wed plan: Write 2 x things; process audio & photos from last few days; 1520 drugs for 1620 dentist Darlinghurst; evening TBA.

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I am not scrolling back any further it looks desperate and I wouldn’t want that to happen would I.

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@fortescue @NewtonMark That’s precisely the thing people linked to last night and I found unfunny. My assessment this morning is the same.

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@NewtonMark It’s been quite a while since there was an Edict, actually. Maybe it’s time for some. Perhaps after “Crownies” this week…

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