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October 27th, 2011

Interview with Jon Callas recorded. What a gentleman. Returning to my current hideyhole in Haymarket.

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Sitting in a hotel which is certainly above calling itself a pub.

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@michaelneale For Crikey (and most others) I’m pitching individual stories, or they’re commissioned. Piecework of the lowest order.

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@RealNickHodge Are you saying that you didn’t enjoy my more recent piece in Crikey? On @TurnbullMalcolm?

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@snerdish Well, as I said, I didn’t pick the venue…

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Mobile: Wander up George St to The Establishment. Look, I didn’t pick the venue. And the venue certainly didn’t pick me.

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Thu plan, belated: Lunch; 1415 interview Jon Callas for “Patch Monday” podcast; some editing; quiet evening.

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@jmacmullin I hadn’t really planned to do anything on the ASX outage as my week is rather full. I’ll see what the editors say.

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Hello Thursday, the first half of which I have ignored.

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