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July 14th, 2015

Why have we sent a boy band to Pluto?

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@sprocket___ @crikey_news If that’s the prism you see that comment through then you’re a complete and utter moron.

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Yeah I don’t think it’s j@crikey_newsnews saying this about Burnt

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Some of you need to work on your understanding of “important”.

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Did anything important happen today?

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@GarionCoyote @wolfcat @Altraider I have absolutely no idea what that thing is.

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@jonoabroad See the previous post. It’s not a software

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@timpoliti As you should. Thank you so much.

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@jonoabroad The computer is broken, Sir. Much troubleshooting and thinking has gone into this. Also, dents.

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New blog post: “Announcing ‘The gasping computer, the changing

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@Info_Aus Thanks for the heads-up. I’m most likely deep in other things in that half of the week.

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@trentyarwood @OaaSvc This may be true, but I have a certain experience when it comes to people.

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Tue plan, redraft: Administrivia; having made the Decision, de-stress; re-schedule the rest of July. Portions of this plan may require wine.

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Everything is a lie, @OaaSvc, so get used to it.

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You know, @OaaSvc is really quite a wonderful human being, despite what everyone says.

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@SnarkyPlatypus @NewtonMark Well I don’t think you can ever have enough discussion of the Bristol Scale.

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@NewtonMark No, that’s one of those “decisions” that you can just delay and delay until the situation makes the decision for you.

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@davispg Well I make up for that with the quality* of the decision-making.

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I have made a decision. Well, it feels like I’ve made a decision. Or maybe I just need to do a poo.

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Tue plan, draft: Administrivia; continue with setting up @Pozible; reconsider the plan for July, given its outstanding success* to date.

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That was nowhere near enough sleep. But I did establish certain facts about my computer, and about certain other things.

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Tuesday, Your death is another day closer, but They decide that celebrating this fact would be in poor taste. They do it in secret. Tuesday.

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@max_au For some of us it’s years, years too late.

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