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October 6th, 2015

@smperris @missdi_k I’m guessing that it’ll emerge when I next encounter some gross idiocy.

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@MolksTVTalk I know of several accounts like that that just lift others’ tweets. I’ve assumed it’s all part of some spam operation.

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@missdi_k @smperris This reminds me that I’ve been meaning to put together a non-sweary one-page guide to this recording-of-names thing.

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chrisberg here’s my view: the tpp is either good or bad depending on what is in it

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Another tweet about the weather.

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I haven’t listened to this yet, but I figure either you’ll enjoy it, or enjoy laughing at their self-delusion.…

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“UNSW builds world first two-qubit logic gate in silicon”, writes @ashabeeeee…

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We have to sign the TPP or we won’t be able to send our kids to private schools.

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barrysaunders The tarocash mail server has come to life… and it’s looking for love

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AbrasiveGhost SON: Dad whats Twitter

ME: u know when one dog barks & every single one in the area starts howling?

SON: ya

ME: its like that but all day

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Now this is an impressive temperature drop, Melbourne.…

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“A radical experiment at Zappos to end the office workplace as we know it”…

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@egadheg This may come as a shock, @GordyPls, but apparently there are ways of buying things which are not legally meant to be sold.

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micknicholls Photo taken by my sister on the main road of just before @CFA_Updates

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“Tory Donor Secretly Filmed Dropping Cash-Stuffed Rucksacks At Post Offices”, a 5-month @BuzzFeedNews investigation.…

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TV_Rev REQUEST: Could any journos who were also fans of Press Gang as a kid please DM or email at Thanks!

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@jturner_ibrs @jpwarren That’s a more accurate description, yes.

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@jpwarren @jturner_ibrs Hmmm. “Fusion centre” is just a wanky name for intelligence coordination. I think they mean they set up a SOC.

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“Hackett Foundation sponsors WOMADelaide 2016”, says this press release by @simonhackett’s mob.…

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Tue plan, draft: Potter through the emails and the tasks that have piled up, in the faint hope that entropy may be reduced; wine.

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“Send Stilgherrian to Ruxcon 2015” now 26% funded. Thanks.

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Hmmm. I slept in to give my shoulder a decent rest, but it doesn’t seem to have made much difference. Sigh.

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“Metadata and content: a distinction without difference”… (2/2)

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Yes, , stop saying “metadata”. It’s spin. “It’s time that ‘metadata’ met an end,”… (1/2)

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I had a strange dream, that the leader of the Labor party couldn’t explain what penalty rates were for. Utterly surreal.

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Tuesday. I’ll let Burnt Fagend explain. Tuesday.

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