Weekly Wrap 257

Sydney Central station: click to embiggenMy week of Monday 4 to Sunday 10 May 2015 saw precisely zero media objects being extruded. But let’s not dwell upon that. No, let’s thrill to the possibilities of a glorious future!

Yeah, right.

The Week Ahead

Monday is a day of research and pondering, both for a ZDNet feature I’ve been commissioned to write — and I’ll start referring to that masthead simply as ZDNet from this week rather than ZDNet Australia, finally acknowledging the many months-old fact of the globalisation of their newsroom — as well as a SEKRIT project. Some of this will be done in the warmth of the Blue Mountains City Library, to avoid yet another day of freezing, depressing winds.

On Tuesday, I’m doing the long commute to Sydney for a lunchtime briefing titled “ERP Deployment in Australia: Uncovering Missed Opportunities”, presented jointly by analyst firm Telsyte and sponsor Epicor. I’ll also be doing some location audio recording before taking a late train back to the Mountains.

On Wednesday, there’s more work on the ZDNet feature, plus the completion of the Edict. Thursday will see the emergence of a ZDNet column, I hope, as well as more work on the feature. And Friday is blocked out for work on the SEKRIT project — probably in Sydney, because I’ll need access to internet bandwidth that isn’t billed at the self-sodomising rates of Telstra’s 4G network — but there’ll be writing in between. If that looks jumbled, you’re right. The exact order of play will depend on how things unfold — which I accept is a tautology.

Further Ahead

On Wednesday 20 May, I’ll be doing the long commute to Sydney for a whole series of meetings and briefings. Details in the next Weekly Wrap.

On Wednesday 27 May, I’ll be in Sydney again for Optus Vision 2015, an event that I always get plenty of value from.

From 2 to 5 June, I’ll be covering the AusCERT 2015 Information Security Conference on the Gold Coast — and, at one point, participating in it.

Update 11 May 2015: Edited to add plans for 20 May.

[Photo: Sydney Central station, photographed in the late afternoon of 9 May 2015, in between recording some audio for… a future project.]