Weekly Wrap 448: Christmas, summer, and normal activities

My week of Monday 23 to Sunday 30 December 2018 was rather different from my plan for it posted last week. I decided to take a week off, like any normal person, rather than trying to do more work in the Christmas period.

It was a sensible choice, even if I did end up having a bout of food poisoning on Boxing Day. Or perhaps because of that.

Articles, Podcasts, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse

Nothing in any of these categories. Things were done, however, including some research and preliminary writing, budgeting, and concept for the redesign of this website.

The Week Ahead

The week begins with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I’ll be spending a lot of time finishing the first draft of that policy paper I’m writing for an American organisation, but I’ll try to fit in a few of the traditional activities.

New Year’s Eve itself will be spent relatively quietly, but I do have a bottle of whisky put aside.

The rest of the week will be an attempt to start planning for 2019. Wish me luck, because I have nothing scheduled in yet.

Further Ahead

No idea. I haven’t even begun mapping it out yet.

[Photo: Dry Summer. The view from the window of a train heading from Adelaide to Gawler Central, somewhere near Evanston. Photographed on 20 December 2016.]