Weekly Wrap 449: A hot then cool start to 2019

Great Western Highway in the Mists

My week of Monday 31 December 2018 to Sunday 6 January 2019 was a relatively quiet start to the new year. I am more than happy with this.

Articles, Podcasts, Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse

Nothing public in any of these categories, but I did finish the first draft of that policy paper on encryption for an American organisation. I’m not sure when or even if this will be made public, as opposed to being used internally. I’ll let you know.

The Week Ahead

The week starts with me producing the final version of that policy paper by Tuesday evening my time, and then drifts into some planning for 2019. I’ll also start producing the best-of series of The 9pm Edict podcast, I think, though that will be late in the week.

I’m talking about how weather apps track your location on ABC Melbourne on Tuesday morning at 0930 AEDT.

I’ll be down in Sydney on Wednesday for a bit of science at the Black Dog Institute, as well as getting a haircut and stuff like that.

Further Ahead

Still no idea. I haven’t even begun mapping it out yet.

[Photo: Great Western Highway in the Mists. The scene from the window of a train somewhere between Bullaburra and Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains, photographed on 21 December 2018. I was originally going to use this photo last week, but then the weather turned hot and it seemed inappropriate. It turned cool and wet again over the weekend just gone. Weather, eh?]