Weekly Wrap 471: Two cities, less whisky, no gin, and some more cybers

My week of Monday 3 to Sunday 9 June 2019 was rather nice, and rather productive. More time exploring Brisbane, and four decent articles written for ZDNet, and not too much stress at all.

I’m really getting to like Brisbane. It’s changed a lot in recent years, and the small bar, restaurant, and craft beer scenes are slowly growing — all without the pretensions of Sydney. It’s worth a visit.

I also snuck in some work on a new SEKRIT project, another technology consultant role for a TV series, which may or may not come to anything. I’ll let you know if it does.

Actually I did have some gin. Quite a bit, in fact, because it was World Gin Day on Saturday.




Media Appearances

Corporate Largesse

  • On Wednesday I had coffee at the InterContinental Sydney with Laith Alkhouri from Flashpoint, and the PR people paid for it.

The Week Ahead

It’s another busy one. Monday won’t be a holiday for me. I’ll be catching up on reading, research, and emailing potential interviewees. That will continue into Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday afternoon I’ll head down to Sydney for an event that evening, Why should the perfect robot look and think just like a human?. I’ll probably write about that on Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday afternoon I’m taking the train to Canberra for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) conference War in 2025. Obviously I’ll be writing about that along the way, and perhaps into the following week. I’ll stay in Canberra until Sunday, then grab the return train to Sydney that evening.

Further Ahead

A new episode of The 9pm Edict podcast with Nicholas Fryer will be recorded on Friday 21 June and posted that night.

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Beyond that, here’s a very partial list of some conferences and other events that I’m planning to attend. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickets.

[Photo: Crossing the Brisbane River. The Brisbane CBD photographed while crossing the Brisbane River by train travelling to South Brisbane on 4 June 2019.]