Weekly Wrap 473: Cybers and a Malaysian flavour

The week of Monday 17 to Sunday 23 June 2019 started to see some actual winter in the Blue Mountains, though I was in Sydney for three days. I was also productive.

Wednesday was an educational evening of Malaysian experiences. The Lowy Institute panel discussion with James Chin and Vilashini Somiah on building the New Malaysia fascinating, and dinner afterwards at Chef Rasa Sayang was delightful. Both are recommended.


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Media Appearances


Corporate Largesse

  • On Wednesday evening there were of course some lovely snacks at the Lowy Institute event.

The Week Ahead

The week will be about writing, primarily for ZDNet. I’ve accumulated a bunch of material in recent weeks, and I need to turn that into written words. To make it more bearable I’ll try to work in a couple different locations.

On Thursday I’ll head down to Ashfield in Sydney for some more cat-sitting across the weekend.

Further Ahead

The first week of July will include the first sitting week of the new Australian Parliament, so there’s bound to be some news from that.

Beyond that, here’s a very partial list of some events that I’m planning to attend. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickets.

[Photo: 1 Bligh, Sydney. The atrium of the office building at 1 Bligh Street, Sydney, photographed on 19 June 2019.]