Weekly Wrap 562: Pills, productivity, and peregrinations

I’m very happy with my week of Monday 1 to Sunday 7 March. I was the midst of changing my medication regime and productivity was high — there’s a good chance these things are connected — and I’ve just enjoyed a train trip up to Newcastle.


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The Week Ahead

It’s Week 51 of the Quarantimes for me, but I begin the week in Newcastle and then spend a night in Sydney before returning to Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls on Thursday.

Monday is about exploring Newcastle, a city I haven’t been two in eight years. On Tuesday I’m recording a podcast with Carol Duncan, multimedia producer and Newcastle City Councillor. And on Wednesday afternoon I’m returning to Sydney.

Update 11 March 2021: The finished podcast with Carol Duncan and a surprise special guest will be edited and posted on Saturday.

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Further Ahead

The following week includes covering the Australian Cyber Conference on 16–18 March 2021.

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That Thursday also includes a webinar from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute: Are you ready for the new critical infrastructure law?.

On Friday 19 March I’m recording a podcast with philosopher and reprobate Patrick Stokes.

Beyond that, the calendar is a bit thin:

  • AusCERT 2021, Gold Coast and online, 11–13 May 2021 (TBC).

[Photo: An older female member of my magnificent Magpie Army (Gymnorhina tibicen tibicen) photographed on 4 March 2021. I was originally planning to use a photograph from Newcastle but I was distracted.]