Weekly Wrap 561: Still-hidden writing and remembering my last flight

It’s a year since my last airline flight, returning to Sydney from a conference in Melbourne. What a year it’s been since then! My week of Monday 22 to Sunday 28 February also saw me get a few things written, but you can’t see them today.


None published yet, but I finally filed that update for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which you’ll get to see in a couple of weeks, and I worked on stories for ZDNet which you’ll get to see very soon indeed.

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Media Appearances

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The Week Ahead

It’s Week 50 of the Quarantimes for me, but week by week less time is being spent at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls. Indeed, there’s quite a bit of intercity train travel coming up.

On Tuesday I’ll be down in Sydney for some medical things, staying overnight. And on Sunday I’ll be heading to Newcastle for a few days.

I’m covering two online events this week, APRICOT 2021 / APNIC 51 from Monday to Thursday, and the Kaspersky Asia Pacific Online Policy Forum 2: Guardians of cyberspace on Tuesday.

Further Ahead

The following Tuesday 9 March I’m recording the first episode in The 9pm Edict Autumn Series 2021 with Carol Duncan, multimedia producer and Newcastle City Councillor. In the next Weekly Wrap I’ll be able to tell you about the episodes after that.

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[Photo: Approaching Sydney, viewed from my last airline flight just on a year ago, namely VA869 MEL-SYD on 25 February 2020. ]