Weekly Wrap 607: Easing into 2022 with a vaccination booster, a hissing cat, and a podcast or two

My week of Monday 10 to Sunday 16 January 2022 was the start of proper work for the year after all. I got my COVID-19 vaccine booster, I recorded two podcasts, and I started locking in some work that I’ll tell you about as it becomes relevant.


We also recorded an episode with Upulie Divisekera and Dr Trent Yarwood on Saturday. You can look forward to hearing it this coming Thursday.

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  • I’ve updated my Waratah sequence 2021 for another week, but I’ve been down in Sydney since Wednesday so this only takes us up to day 133.

Media Appearances

Articles, Videos, Corporate Largesse

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Only a few this week, because this Weekly Wrap is late enough already.

The Week Ahead

I begin the week in Sydney, finishing off a stint of catsitting, organising all the upcoming work, and getting some back maintenance done.

I return to the Blue Mountains on Tuesday afternoon. There then follows a couple of days of geek-work.

On Thursday I’ll catch the US Studies Centre seminar What to expect in US politics and policy in 2022. I’ll also watch the seminar Reforming Australia’s electronic surveillance laws from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. A good lineup, but devoid of any panellists from civil society of privacy-focused or human rights organisations. That bit is a disappointment.

Thursday is also podcast editing day, and Friday is geek-work day.

Further Ahead

It’s all quite thin, really.

[Photo: A house, probably abandoned, in the outer western Sydney suburb of Kingswood, next to Penrith, photographed on 10 January 2022. Houses nearby are earmarked for eventual demolition to make way for extensions to the vast Nepean Hospital and related businesses, and apartment buildings, and I daresay this one was simply not worth repairing given its approaching doom.]