The 9pm Hot Buttered Cuttlefish of the Plague Times with Upulie Divisekera and Dr Trent Yarwood

Upulie Divisekera (left) and Dr Trent Yarwood. (Photos: Supplied, digital processing by Stilgherrian)

The Summer Series 2022 continues, as does that goddam global pandemic. So inevitably we’re joined once more by science communicator and medical researcher Upulie Divisekera and infectious diseases physician Dr Trent Yarwood.

We talk about that pandemic thing, because we kind of have to. But we also discuss hydrogen peroxide therapy (which is not really a thing), salt therapy (which is kind of a thing), ointments (which are definitely a thing), MyHealthRecord, brinjal pickle, how Twitter rots your brain, fossils, fungi, leprosy aka Hansen’s Disease, and that Serbian tennis player.

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  • Upulie Pabasarie Divisekera is an Australian molecular biologist and science communicator, and is the co-founder of Real Scientists, an outreach program that uses performance and writing to communicate science.
  • Molecular biologist at the intersection of art, science, poetry, tech | |Co-founder, @RealScientists || #BlackLivesMatter
  • Computer geek, infection / public health doc, steward, fencer. UQ & JCU, Fan of social justice, 'ninja old guy', Doesn't pity the fool (personal opinions)
  • trent and i should do a drunk medical researchers edition where we bitch and moan while super drunk
  • Queensland Chief Health Officer John Gerrard says covid "is just another virus" and he believes anxiety about it will "settle down"
  • Leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease (HD), is a long-term infection by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae or Mycobacterium lepromatosis. Infection can lead to damage of the nerves, respiratory tract, skin, and eyes.
  • People who don't spend a lot of time online are much more chill about what's happening with the covid transition than the Very Online. There is something in that for all of us, and it has nothing to do with being "informed".
  • Latest trend from Covidiots: "Nebulizing Hydrogen Peroxide"
  • Meropenem, sold under the brandname Merrem among others, is an intravenous ?-lactam antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. Some of these include meningitis, intra-abdominal infection, pneumonia, sepsis, and anthrax.
  • The tennis champion’s resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine has brought about an international fiasco at the Australian Open.
  • Halotherapy (also known as speleotherapy) is a form of alternative medicine which makes use of salt. Halotherapy is an unproven treatment that lacks scientific credibility. Spa owners attribute a wide range of health benefits to halotherapy.
  • Happy 5th Anniversary to my #robodebt business case FOI request!
  • (Justin Warren) If you want to get information out of a government agency, the Freedom of Information Act is here to help you!
  • Thank you to everyone who attended. You can look at my slides here:
  • Candida auris is a species of fungus that grows as yeast. It is one of the few species of the genus Candida which cause candidiasis in humans. Often, candidiasis is acquired in hospitals by patients with weakened immune systems. C. auris can cause invasive candidiasis (fungemia) in which the bloodstream, the central nervous system, and internal organs are infected. It has attracted widespread attention because of its multiple drug resistance. Treatment is also complicated because it is easily misidentified as other Candida species.
  • Brighstone is a village and civil parish on the Isle of Wight, 6 miles southwest of Newport on the B3399 road.
  • Brighstoneus (after Brighstone, a village on the Isle of Wight) is a genus of hadrosauriform dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Wessex Formation of the Isle of Wight, England. The genus contains a single species, Brighstoneus simmondsi, known from a partial skeleton.
  • Iguanodon (/???w??n?d?n/ i-GWAH-n?-don; meaning 'iguana-tooth'), named in 1825, is a genus of iguanodontian dinosaur. While many species have been classified in the genus Iguanodon, dating from the late Jurassic Period to the early Cretaceous Period of Asia, Europe, and North America, taxonomic revision in the early 21st century has defined Iguanodon to be based on one well-substantiated species: I. bernissartensis, which lived from the late Barremian to the earliest Aptian ages (Early Cretaceous) in Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, and possibly elsewhere in Europe, between about 126 and 122 million years ago. Iguanodon were large, bulky herbivores. Distinctive features include large thumb spikes, which were possibly used for defense against predators, combined with long prehensile fifth fingers able to forage for food.
  • Ichthyosaurs coexisted with dinosaurs, but these seagoing reptiles were entirely different creatures. They evolved from land reptiles during the Triassic period, over 246 million years ago. Ichthyosaurs became more streamlined and fish-like over time, and diverse species plied the seas until about 95 million years ago.
  • Dunkleosteus is an extinct genus of large armored, jawed fishes that existed during the Late Devonian period, about 382–358 million years ago. It consists of ten species, some of which are among the largest placoderms to have ever lived: D. terrelli, D. belgicus, D. denisoni, D. marsaisi, D. magnificus, D. missouriensis, D. newberryi, D. amblyodoratus, and D. raveri. The largest and most well known species is D. terrelli, which grew up to 8.79 m (28.8 ft) long and 4 t (4.4 short tons) in weight.
  • Sri Lankan Fusion Fine Dine in Restaurant. Experience an authentic Sri Lankan cuisine without leaving Melbourne.
  • [18 July 2018] I've been doing a bit of media about myHealthRecord this week, and have been burning up Twitter with my posts, so I thought I'd compile a summary post as a reference - particularly as I'm back at work next week and won't be as available.
  • This is a link to all of my writing that mentions My Health Record sorted by date order. Not all of it is specifically about MHR, but I'm astounded to see there's 50 items.
  • Pays on party which supplies the Prime Minister following the next Federal election. Bets settled at time of swearing in. All bets carry over if the Gov General does not swear in a PM because supply cannot be guaranteed.

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